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They are usually cheaper than buying many tickets if you plan to use public transportation often. Transportation for people with disabilities Public transportation often has features to assist people with disabilities. In many cities and towns, there are also transportation services available specifically for people with limited mobility, such as specially equipped buses. You can find out about these services in the same way you would learn more about other public transportation options. Etiquette on public transportation When taking public transportation such as a bus or train, it is important to understand the unspoken rules of conduct in the shared space. Here are a few things to note: f& Be polite and respectful to others around you. For example, maintain an appropriate noise level when talking or making a phone call. f& If you are carrying a backpack or a large shoulder bag in a crowded public transit vehicle, keep it close to you, preferably at your feet to avoid hitting people with it as you walk by. f& Avoid pushing or touching others in order to make more room for yourself. Sometimes public transit can become very crowded, but it is important to keep calm and give others appropriate personal space. f& Have your proof of payment accessible in case you are asked to show it. 21. What is the advantage of using transit passes over buying tickets? A. Safer trips. B. Longer service hours. C. Lower costs. D. More use of transport. 22. How does the transportation system help people with disabilities? A. By running special transport services. B. By offering fewer transportation options. C. By limiting their mobility on city buses. D. By providing free rides in towns and cities. 23. What is considered impolite on public transportation? A. Lowering your speaking voice. B. Placing backpacks at your feet. C. Staying close to other passengers. D. Having your proof of payment at hand. B Today we talk about a time when half the world is waking from the dark, cold winter months. Spring! We often describe  spring as a time of rebirth, renewal and awakening. Many trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth. Things are coming to life! But the word  spring is not just a season. It is also a verb that means something going on or coming out quickly. When you put  spring and  life together, you will get  spring to life . This expression means something suddenly becomes very active or perhaps seems more alive! You may  spring to life after hearing that a distant friend will be visiting you. Or maybe your favorite soccer team finally  sprang to life in the second half, played well and won the match. Now, besides being a season and a verb the noun  spring refers to a metal coil (~W) that is wound tightly. When the coil unwinds, it often jumps. So, we often say a person  has a spring in his step if he is lively and active. He might even appear to jump, or bounce a little when he walks. There is another way we use  spring as a description. In the case of a  spring chicken ,  spring means young. However,  spring chicken is also an informal, humorous way to refer to someone who isn t young at all. So, we use this expression in the negative form, as in  no spring chicken . For example, let s say you know an 85-year-old man who decides to run a marathon, even though he has never exercised before. You could say,  That s amazing! After all, he s no spring chicken. But be careful when using this expression. It could be a little disrespectful. Let s say your boss shows you a picture of his wife, and you say,  Wow, she s no spring chicken. That response would be disrespectful and a bad career move. 24. What does  spring mean in the expression  spring to life ? A. The season after winter. B. Being young and healthy. C. A tightly wound metal coil. D. To occur or appear quickly. 25. What is the passage mainly about? A0The origin of the word  spring B. The meaning of the season  spring . C. Some expressions with the word  spring . D. Some characteristics of the season  spring . 26. How does someone feel when he  has a spring in his step  A. Angry B. Surprised C. Happy D. Frightened 27. What can be inferred from the last paragraph? A. Being young is a great advantage in career development. B. Women may feel offended when described as  no spring chicken . C. Using  spring-related expressions in conversations seems impolite. D. Expressions with the word  spring are always disrespectful to others. C More than 90 years has passed since Hollywood s official film organization first proposed plans to build its own museum. Those plans are finally becoming a reality, with the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures set to open in 2019. The project is underway at the site of a historic Los Angeles department store built in 1939. Museum officials say visitors will be able to  experience the magic of cinema by learning about all parts of the film-making process. Film historian Kerry Brougher has been named directors of the museum. Brougher says the museum will include 12 million photographs and 80,000 screenplays as well as props (SwQ), costumes and other objects from famous films. The Academy Museum will also feature Oscar statuettes (\ՖP) donated by actors who won the awards. Brougher says the museum is designed to make visitors feel like they are in a movie, too, with many interactive experiences.  You won t necessarily know what s coming next, he adds.  You ll be in environments sometimes that make you feel like you ve gone back to the past and that you re in the area that you re actually exploring. He adds that visitors may even get the chance to walk down a red carpet and accept their own Academy Award. Currently, Hollywood only has a few possibilities for visitors. They can go along the Walk of Fame and visit movie studios or see the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars are presented. But beyond these, movie fans have limited possibilities. Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles says the Academy Museum will provide visitors the chance to experience many different parts of the film industry all in one place. Garcetti notes the museum will also serve the hundreds of thousands of local people working in film-related businesses. He says they, too, will finally be able to visit a place that celebrates their own Hollywood movie industry. 28. When was the idea of building a museum in Hollywood first put forward? A. In the 1920s. B. In 1939. C. In the 1990s. D. In 2019. 29. What can we learn from Brougher s words? A. Photos of visitors will be put on display. B. Settings in the museum will feel quite real C. Most visitors will be presented an award. D. Actors will donate much money to the museum. 30. What is Eric Garcetti s attitude towards the Academy Museum? A. Supportive. B. Critical. C. Disapproving. D. Cautious. 31. What is the best title for the passage? A. The Film-making Process in Hollywood. B. The Film-making Process of Hollywood. C. Hollywood Making Plans of Film Museums. D. Hollywood Getting Its Own Film Museum. D For your next out-of-this-world vacation, you now have the option of literally going out of this world but it ll cost you $ 40 million. Then again, can you really put a price tag on having the time of your life? According to a new report from Popular Mechanics, Russia is looking to build a luxury hotel in outer space. There you will wake up to a breathtaking blue planet the earth! The hotel is expected to be stationed on the International Space Station (ISS). While space tourism itself isn t exactly a novel idea, the notion of building a hotel out there hasn t been raised before. Really, other companies are still focused on the transportation part of the puzzle  after all, a trip to space is enough for most folks. According to Popular Mechanics, the hotel will include a luxury orbital suite with big windows, personal hygiene (kSu) facilities, exercise equipment, and yes, WiFi. Because if you can t share your experience on social media, did it really even happen? Of course, the reasons behind the hotel aren t just for fun and games. Apparently, space tourism might be able to help the Russians pay for another module to add to the international Space Station. Russian space contractor RKK Energia is currently building the first such module, which will give scientists a laboratory and power supply station from which to conduct tests. If any of this is going to happen, however, Russia is going to have to hurry. With the ISS expected to be out of use in 2028, there s little time to build the hotel and find wealthy tourists to actually buy a trip into outer space. So if you ve recently come into a fortune and are interested in investing in what could be the time of your life, ISS is calling your name. 32. What do we know about the hotel from the first paragraph? A. It is quite affordable. B. It will be built in Russia. C. It will offer an amazing view. D. It costs $ 40 million to build. 33. What does the underlined phrase  the puzzle in Paragraph 2 refer to? A. An orbital suite. B. Space tourism. C. Space exploration. D. A creative idea. 34. What can be inferred from Paragraph 3? A. Hotel guests won t be able to see into space. B. Visitors are required to take exercise each day. C. Space travel is not possible without the Internet. D. Tourists tend to share traveling experiences online. 35. The hotel will be built to provide Russian scientists with A. fun and games B. financial support C. space contractors D. more time in space ,{NqQ5\k\3R nR15R 9hncweQ[ NweTv y-N QkXeQzz}vYvgsO y0 y-N g$Ny:NYYO y v^(WT{aS N\ ymў0 How to Be Productive in a Challenging Environment A lot of organizations deal with challenges like maintaining productivity and quality of work. 36 In this article, we ll share with you a few essential tips on staying focused at work. Prepare a to-do list. Half the battle is won once you prioritize (OHQYt) your tasks. Make a list of what needs to be done. Plan your day through these lists and set realistic deadlines to accomplish each one of them. 37 Schedule your work. Don t overstretch yourself with your work. 38 To avoid burnouts, take a walk to renew your brain, allowing it to concentrate better. Though breaks arc essential for a healthy workday, you must learn to take them with a pinch of salt. Frequent breaks can be addictive and can affect your work. 39 Nowadays, being online on various social media platforms is a trend. Several notifications (w) pop up every now and then, commanding your attention. If you are constantly attending to such notifications, how are you supposed to do meaningful work? While working on an important project, put your phone on silent or switch it off. If you really want to stay updated with your social media accounts, you can set specialized time slots to check your phone. Cut outside noise. Until you do away with noise, you won t be able to focus. Limiting auditory distractions is crucial in increasing attention span. You can use noise-canceling headphones for that. 40 In case that doesn t solve the problem, choose remote work for a day or two to regain your lost focus. Keep on practicing these positive habits and you ll surely see a noticeable improvement in your productivity level at work. A. Avoid distractions. B. Take regular exercise. C. Rather, split your work into parts and sub-parts. D. Changing your working environment may have unexpected benefits. E. When you start prioritizing, you won t just be focused but efficient, too. F. If you still can t concentrate, move to a quieter place, such as a conference room. G. Managers are pressed to motivate their team members while boosting their productivity. ,{ NR wƋЏ(uqQ$N nR55R ,{N [b_kXzzqQ20\k\2R nR40R  Nbwe NweTT@b~vV*N yA,B,CTD)-N QSNkXeQzz}vYvgsO y T{HhQ(WT{aS N0 Leslie Morissette s son, Graham, was 6 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia (}v@u). Throughout Graham s (41) in the hospital, Graham connected with everyone he met, from (42) patients to younger children.  He would (43) other sick children his toys or act silly to make them laugh. Morissette said.  Graham s special spirit is what kept me going. He gave me the energy and the (44) to fight with him. In 1997, when he was 8 years old, Graham passed away. (45) by how Graham lived his life caring about others, Morissette (46) the nonprofit Grahamtastic Connection in his honor. The organization provides free technology-including computers, iPads, and robots to children (47) cancer and other serious illnesses. One of the major goal of Morissette s work is to (48) kids to their classrooms, which really helps them continue their (49) despite hospitalizations and days (50) from school. The robots  transport children right into the classroom in real time. They can (51) the robots right from their (52) bed or home. If a child is unable to attend school, they can (53) log on to their tablet or laptop and call in to the robot. They can (54) up and down the school paths. They can go to lunch with their (55) . The real magic happens between classes, when they re walking down the hallway with their friends, by robot, (56) their weekend and their favorite foods and other things. It s great technology that really gives children the feeling of control, when their world is maybe (57) control.  Every time I can help a child in need, I feel (58) Graham is smiling down. Morissette said,  I believe that Graham s (59) lives on in the work that I do. And I m (60) and privileged to be able to do it in his honor. 41. A. surgery B. treatment C. vacation D. rest 42. A. elderly B. sleepy C. deadly D. naughty 43. A. buy B. charge C. return D. lend 44. A. focus B. strength C. resource D. attention 45. A. Confused B. Depressed C. Inspired D. Worried 46. A. left B. visited C. benefited D. founded 47. A. causing B. curing C. battling D. preventing 48. A. connect B. force C. invite D. throw 49. A. career B. education C. struggle D. business 50. A. missed B. stopped C. suffered D. graduated 51. A. operate B. build C. steal D. separate 52. A. flower B. river C. hospital D. hotel 53. A. hardly B. accidentally C. simply D. luckily 54. A. drive B. jump C. climb D. walk 55. A. parents B. friends C. doctors D. patients 56. A. talking about B. putting off C. depending on D. thinking of 57. A. under B. within C. away from D. out of 58. A. even if B. as though C. in case D. so that 59. A. success B. joy C. love D. fortune 60. A. angry B. sad C. careful D. proud ^ b ,{ NR wƋЏ(uqQ$N nR55R ,{NqQ10\ k\1.5R nR15R  Nbwe (Wzz}vYkXeQ1*NS_vUS͋bbSQUS͋vcknxb__0 Silk was not the only product to be transported along the Silk Road, with finely carved jade () and medicinal herbs also being (61) (export) from China. Like silk, trade in luxury items such as these boomed, and many merchants found instant wealth. Rather (62) traveling the entire length of the Silk Road, each merchant traded goods along one section of the route, (63) (buy) them in one oasis (~2m) town and selling them in another. The travelers and merchants also (64) (carry) many ideas, philosophies and religions with them along the Silk Road. Of all these, Buddhism, which came from India, had the greatest influence (65) Chinese culture. It (66) (eventual) became China s primary faith, more widespread than the original Chinese religions of Confucianism and Taoism. Silk Road trades traveled together in long caravans (eL) of camels. This mode of travel provided (67) (protect) from robbers who might attempt (68) (rob) the valuable goods being transported. The Silk Road was not only one single road, but (69) whole collection of routes by (70) goods were transported between the East and the West. ,{VR Q\OqQ$N nR35R we9eqQ10\ k\1R nR10R GP[ N^Bl TLhKNNbcO9e\Oe `OO9e`O TLhQvN N\Oe0e-NqQ g10Y kS-NgY g$NY0kYNmSN*NUS͋vXR0 RdbO9e0 XR(W:͋YRN*NoW[&{S'" v^(WvQ NbQQ勠Rv͋0 RdbYYOv͋(ue~\ Rc0 O9e(Wv͋ NRN*j~ v^(W͋ NbQQO9eTv͋0 la1.kYSvQO9eGWNPN͋ 2.SAQO9e10Y YN,{11Yw NR0 Kids exercise all the time without even think of it. Just being active, like when you run around at outside or play basketball at school, is type of exercise. Playing sports, dancing and doing push-ups also counts as exercise. These helped you build your strength. By using your muscles to do powerful things, you can make them strong than before. For teens and adult, this kind of workout can make muscles bigger, either. When you exercise, you re building a strong body what will be able to move around and do all the stuff you need to do. Try to do more physically exercise every day and your body will thank you later. ,{N fNbh(nR25R GPY`O/fNgNS gяSs`O@bOOv\:SQXNeirPc`{a donation box) E\lSNb]vecir0ޘwvfNbI{b>eg-N0`O~,g!hebb?z Q[Sb N~ُNNir Sh`Ov wl0 la ͋pe100]S SNS_XR~ NOLeޏ/ q\w*YS^2018J\ؚ N3g!jbՋN ՋT{Hh 21-23 CAA 24-27 DCCB 28-31 ABAD 32-35 CBDB 36-40 GECAF 41-45 BADBC 46-50 DCABA 51-55 ACCDB 56-60 ADBCD 61. exported 62. than 63. buying 64. carried 65. on 66. eventually 67. protection 68. to rob 69. a 70. which 1. think9e:Nthinking02. atSc03. isTtype-NRa04. counts9e:Ncount0 5. helped9e:Nhelp06. strong9e:Nstronger07. adult9e:Nadults08. either9e:Ntoo0 9. what9e:Nthat/which010. physically9e:Nphysical0 I m Li Hua. Recently I found a donation box in my neighborhood. People come to it when they have old clothes, bags, newspapers and books to donate. This box, I think, is of great significance. Take me as an example, I outgrow my clothes so rapidly. I ve got no idea about how to deal with the clothes which are really new and still in good condition. However, with this donation box, I can help those people in need. In a word, I do think it is a good idea that can light up our life and make the world better place to live in. .08:NPjl  > @ j l (*,68:|ytqnifaJPJaJaJaJPJaJaJaJPJaJaJaJPJaJaJaJ5aJ5aJaJaJ5aJ5aJaJaJ5aJ5aJ5aJ5aJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJ5aJ5aJo(aJ CJaJ5 CJaJ5 CJaJ5CJaJ5U(XZ`xz|~ "*68~{wtpmjaJaJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJ)Z\b\^d!!("*"2"4"##''t)¿~{xuraJaJaJaJaJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJaJaJo(aJ+t)v))),*.*d*f*****,+.+:+@+B+D+b+j+p+r+++,,v,x,z,|,,,--- - 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